1. Septic System Service Contracts

    Septic system service contracts are an underutilized tool. Our septic system service contracts are designed to make your septic system last much longer. Like a medical problem, if issues arise with a septic system and they aren't dealt with then they can become catastrophic to the system. Service co…Read More

  2. Image of Standing Water Odor

    When to Replace Your Septic Tank

    If you own a septic tank, you’re probably aware that regular maintenance is necessary to keep your septic tank performing at tip-top shape at all times. In a perfect world, you wouldn’t have to worry about performing maintenance checks, but it is simply another household appliance that needs to …Read More

  3. Image of Contract Signing

    Save Money With Our Service Contracts!

    Real Estate transactions require a Class H inspections in order to transfer the property from one party to another. A little known secret is for those properties that have an active service contract, the service contract can take the place of a Class H Inspection. That means you can save over $500. …Read More

  4. Image of Sewage Leak In Floor

    Get It Right the First Time!

    We recently got a phone call from someone who bought a house late in 2018. They were supplied with a Class H Septic Inspection which stated the septic for the home they were purchasing was in compliance with state regulations. The new homeowner was told the septic tank and d box had been replaced an…Read More

  5. Image of Working Sprinkler System

    Trouble Free Irrigation Systems

    Last time we talked a bit about installing an irrigation system in your yard to not only increase the beauty of your lawn and landscaping, but also allowing you to save money. An underground irrigation system is one of those things that can seem like a hassle, but we assure you, it is not as bad as …Read More

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    Spring on Delmarva has been as beautiful as it has been wet!

    Couple a wet spring with a wet winter and, what do you get? Well, it's wet. Wet conditions create threats to the longevity of a septic system. It basically creates a situation where the system is being overloaded or overused,  and we can't simply stop taking showers. One thing we can do is start ta…Read More

  7. Time for an irrigation system featured Image

    It Is Time For An Irrigation System

    After a hard winter, the summer is coming fast and this time of year we start to think about green grass and gorgeous flowers. That's right, it is time to get out the hoses and start watering your lawn. We get it, it can be a struggle, dragging the hoses around, changing areas ever so often to provi…Read More

  8. Septic System Maintenance Tips and Tricks Part 2 Featured Image

    Septic System Maintenance Tips and Tricks Part 2

    Last time we talked a bit about what you can do to increase the lifespan of your septic system. We explored the water saving advantages of ENERGY STAR appliances, the fact that garbage disposals are terrible for your septic system, and how using low flow water faucets and toilets will save water. Th…Read More

  9. Maintenance tips and tricks featured image

    Septic System Maintenance Tips and Tricks

    Much like the tradition of setting your clocks back (or is it ahead?) and changing the batteries in the fire beeper thingy, spring is a time to maintain your property. This includes pumping your septic system and performing much needed maintenance on the components of your system. Depending on your …Read More

  10. Why we don't install septic systems when soil is wet featured image

    Why We Don’t Install Septic Systems When Soil is Wet

    It has been an incredibly wet winter and early spring on Delmarva. We often have to let clients know that their septic system can't be installed due to the soils being to wet. We have to wait for the soils to dry. I thought I would explain the reason why. When the soils contain a lot of moisture the…Read More