All warranties start on the date the installation is complete

Warranty work does not include any damage to the landscape that may be necessary for the work. Landscape damage will be the owners expense. It is understood that in order to provide our services we must have access to the site. Bushes, driveways, lawns, irrigation heads, and other landscaping features that are in the work area or in the access area that Willey & Co deem neccessary to provide our services will be at the owners expense to repair if such a situation arises. We also do not warranty or cover expenses for private utilites that can’t be marked by Miss Utility.

We also do not warranty anything outside of our services listed on our contract.

Warranty on Septic System Installations (updated 1/1/13)

3 YEARS Material 100% warranty on tank(s), pipes, risers and lids, filter (filters needing to be cleaned is not a warranty issue), D box, pumps, floats, alarm, fittings, control boxes/timers.

Drainfield Function – While we aim for all drainfields to last 20-30 years or more its not always possible. The accuracy of the site evaluation, preventative maintenance, over-use, misuse, and poor design can shorten the life span of a septic system. We do warranty the parts in the drainfield as stated. Should a drainfield we installed fail prematurely, we do investigate it thoroghly free of charge.

2 YEARS Labor 100% warranty

3 MONTH warranty on all dirt work that may be necessary due to settling from natural forces only. We supply a contractor’s rough grade (A grade you can ride a lawn mower over easily, but not a putting green).

Warranties on septic system installations are valid only if ALL conditions of the septic permit are followed by the home owner and/or builder at all times. It is the responsibility of the owner to obtain a copy of the septic permit from D.N.R.E.C. (1-302-856-4561). Septic permits serve as a type of owners guide. All warranties are void if any alteration and/or repair is made by anyone other than Willey & Co Inc. All warranties are void due to any damage caused accidentally or intentionally. Decisions on damage issues and rather repairs and alterations have taken place are the sole professional judgment of Willey & Co Inc. If you do have any problems with your septic (like your alarm going off if applicable) do not panic. Just call our office during normal business hours and we will set up a prompt appointment to service your system.

Warranty on Water Wells and Hookups

4 YEARS Material 100% warranty on the function of the water well, on the function of water pump(s), water tank(s), and control boxes.

3 YEAR Material 100% warranty on fittings, poly water lines

2 YEARS Labor 100% warranty

It is the responsibility of whoever pressurizes the water system to check for leaks and to ensure the well is run off enough before letting water into the home. Any issues to do with sand in a home’s fixtures and/or piping are not the responsibility of Willey & Co if water is let into the home before it is clear of any sediment. A simple glass can be used for a sediment test or a phone call to Willey & Co and we will check it. Should water be let into a home and cause sand issues, we will take a water test from the water tank after it has been run off properly. If the test shows no sediment, all sand issues are the responsiblity of the owner.

Note: We guarantee potable (defined as bacteria free & sand free) water. It is the responsibility of the owner to make sure the well has had a water test.

All warranties on water wells and hookups are void if anyone other than Willey & Co makes any repairs, alteration, and/or additions to the well and/or system. All warranties are void if damage occurs to any part of the water system from accidental and/or intentional acts. Decisions on damage issues and rather repairs and alterations have taken place are the sole professional judgment of Willey & Co Inc. There is no warranty for frozen pipes as this is the responsibility of the home occupant to ensure there is enough heat under the home to prevent freezing. lf you have a problem with your water system please call our office during normal business hours and we will set up a prompt appointment for correcting the problem. If you have any emergency, please you say the word emergency if leaving a message after hours.

Warranties are valid only if Willey & Co Inc. is contacted as soon as the problem occurs and/or noticed.

Warranty on Irrigation Systems

3 Years on parts as stated by Hunter Industries Incorporated. If a defect in a Hunter product is discovered during the warranty period, Willey & Co will repair or replace, at its option, the product or the defective part. This warranty does not extend to repairs, adjustments, or replacement of a product or part that results from misuse, negligence, alteration, modification, tampering, or improper installation or maintence by another company besides Willey & Co. All warranties are void should another party be involved in the alteration, modification, tampering, installation of parts, or maintenance of any part of the system Willey & Co installed during the warranty period. Warranty is does not extend to water quality issues such as sand, silt rust, or other harmful agents. These agents are considered wear items and not warranty items.

1 Year on labor. Willey & Co extends 1 year warranty on installations for all labor. A warranty issue is a issure related to improper installation, faulty parts, design error. Warranty does not extend to adjustments, alteration, modification of parts based on preference. These issues will be treated as service calls.

Limited liability- at no point will Willey & Co accept any liability for anything beyond the terms and scope of work on the contract.

All decisions on warranty are ultimately the sole professional discretion of Willey & Co.

This is our effort to give our customers the best work and to guarantee it!