Did you know one of the cheaper water utility rates in the State of Delaware is western Sussex County communities Green Acres? They charge much less than most other communities as of the date of this publication. The community has always been on the lower side of rates. The charges in this community are as follows:

$52.86 base rate per quarter regardless of rather any water was used or not (standard fee)

$8.0493 per 1000 gallons of water (one of the lowest in the state)

The average irrigation system consists of about four zones. The average zone consists of five heads. The average head sprays two gallons per minute (gpm). The average run time per zone, when looked at over the entire season in most areas, is about 30 minutes per day.

There are yards that run zones longer because of sandy soils and yards that run shorter due to soils with loamier soils. There are also yards that run zones multiple times a day. On average, through the entire season, the numbers used are on the conservative side. I want to stay on the conservative side just to show everyone the minimum amount of time it will take to pay off an irrigation well and pump system.

4 zones X 5 heads = 20 total heads

20 total heads X 2 GPM = 40 GPM

40 GPM X 30 min run time = 1200 gallons per day

The average irrigation season for lawns runs from May 1 until Oct 15 in Delaware. That’s 158 days. Most people of rain delays on their systems. Subtract 13 days for rain delays and you end up irrigating for 145 days.

1200 gallons per day X 145 days = 174000 gallons of water used for irrigation per season

So how much does it cost to irrigate 174000 gallons of water a year?

Every community will be different. Check your water bill to locate and compare with these numbers.

First is the base rate; the base rate is per quarter, and there are two quarters in a irrigating season.

52.86 X 2 (for 2 quarters) = 105.72

I’m going to leave this number out, because you have to pay this anyway to supply water to your home. So now we will focus on the usage.

8.0493 per 1000 gallons of water is the charge

In the example we used 174000 gallons of water


First we divided the total used gallons by 1000… 174000/1000=174

Now for the bad news… 174 X $8.0493= $1400.58

It cost $1400.58 using very conservative numbers to water your lawn if you don’t have a well. Let me be clear, if you want to save $1400 a year you need to drill a irrigation well NOW! It will take less than 2 years to pay for the well. Then that $1400 goes in your pocket EVERY YEAR!

It cost very little to run a well pump per year!

This is a no brainer, call us today for your irrigation well and pump system!

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