Willey & Co offers a complete Irrigation package system and we do it with a highly qualified and experienced staff. From the owner, to our office, to our field staff, everyone treats every job from every client with great care and diligence. We understand our client’s happiness is ultimately what produces success.

Our irrigation packages offer methods and technology that highlight the latest advances in water efficiency.

Willey & Co.’s base irrigation installation package offers amazing value.

Our base package may include:

  • lawn-irrigationAn incredibly versatile and flexible control panel. Hunter’s PRO-C easily allows us to add the most commonly demanded sensors, allows for remote capability, and offers simple but reliable programming. Ask about our WiFi options!
  • Rain-Clik Sensors (wireless) are another piece of great technology. Most rain-sensing devices work by accumulating a preset quantity of precipitation before the sensor interrupts the circuit. Have you ever seen someone’s sprinkler system on while it’s raining? Rain-Clik has built in Quick Response technology that can command the controller to shut off almost as soon as it starts to rain.
  • PGV Valves– You never realize how important the valves are in your irrigation system until they act up. We use the professional grade, hardworking, dynamic valves that are designed to perform flawlessly everyday.
  • PRO-SPRAY Heads by Hunter & Rainbird 5000 series. We don’t want our clients having irrigation head issues annually. We use quality irrigation heads because they are proven to be durable and reliable. They have co-molded wiper seal, heavy duty spring, pressure regulated to 30 & 40 psi, and the body cap won’t leak under high pressure. This makes sure your heads will operate as designed, consistently.
  • Experience & Knowledge – Have you ever felt like you might know more about something than the technician who is sent by a company to perform a service for you? Willey & Co takes a lot of pride of being in the water business for many decades..
  • Superior Design – Design that incorporates proper irrigation practices. Head to Head coverage, even zone precipitation, and proper nozzle selections for proper coverage rates is important.