Willey & Co provides water treatment systems for clients who live in areas where the water isn’t the best.

We keep it simple. A excellent system that will treat hardness, iron, and odor! Price includes equipment and installation Lifetime warranty on everything except

electronics, electronics have 10 year warranty! Removes the most elements in the industry when maintained properly!



Valves are self cleaning for maximum performance and long life.

Powered by energy efficient low voltage 24 Volt electrical system.

Regeneration is based upon your homes water usage, the CPU does the work for you.

Built in battery backup maintains critical date in the event of power failure.

High flow rates assure no loss of pressure

Powerful 75 inch per pound self lubricating drive motor

Service Contract not included. Expect to spend about $300-$400 a year for service to maintain optimal operation for average homes needing water treatment.