Willey & Co’s Additional Services Provided

Available in Kent & Sussex Counties, Delaware

SEPTIC PUMPING (Sussex County only)

The Willey & Co. Team of Professionals

As of September 2016 Willey & Co has expanded our services to include septic tank pumping. We can include a septic tank pumping with your inspection or routine maintenance. It’s recommended that septic tanks be pumped about once every 3 years. Please give us a call and allow us a chance at serving you with your septic tank pumping needs.

Site Evaluations

A Site evaluation is the start of any septic system. A site evaluation consists of digging several 4” holes about 72” deep. The holes are analyzed as to the type of soil and logged on paper. Soil characteristics that are important are how well the soil absorbs water, signs of a water table or past water tables, and whether the soil seems to be altered in any way from previous activities on the site. The DNREC has very strict regulations as to how soils are to be characterized.

During the evaluation process, the limiting zone is established. The limiting zone is the point at which a water table is found, a previous water table has been, or the structure of the soil will no longer accept water in a way that a waste water system will demand. The soil evaluation also determines the rate at which the soil will accept water in the evaluated area. This is known as the “perc rate” and is determined in minutes per inch (MPI). The soil is assigned a MPI based on the worst recorded MPI discovered in the evaluated area. All of these discoveries determine what kind of septic system is allowed per the DNREC regulations, and the perc rate helps determine the size of the septic system that is required. A soil evaluation also does research on neighboring properties due to the DNREC isolations distances between septic systems and wells. All of this information is put in to a report (formatted by the DNREC) and turned into the DNREC for approval.

Septic Designs/Permits

Hard at work installing a septic systemOnce a site evaluation is completed, a septic permit must be obtained in order to do any installation work. A septic permit uses the information obtained from the soil evaluation to create a plan for the site. Key factors in a septic plan will include home placement, neighboring septic systems and wells, the area in which the soil evaluation allows the septic system, driveways, trees, and other major objects or proposed plans for in the future. Once the signature is complete, the report is turned in to the DNREC for approval. When the septic application/design is approved, the property is ready for a septic installation.

Well Permits

A well cannot be drilled nor can an existing well change it’s intended function without a well permit. A well permit requires the specifics of the well. The DNREC wants to know the property/owner information, size of the well, intended use of the well, depth of the well, location of the well on the property and other information about the proposed construction of the well.

Septic Inspection

A septic inspection is a process to locate, test, research, and give a professional opinion about the condition of that septic system. An inspection requires getting the septic tank pumped out in order to be able to evaluate the tank. Since septic systems are under the ground, it is impossible to predict how long a septic will work, but a inspection will give you a good idea as to the condition of the septic system at the time of the inspection. If an inspection locates a problem, it is noted so that it can be known by all parties involved and resolved if desired.

Repairs to Septic System and Well Systems

Septic systems require repairs from time to time. There are a lot of parts involved with a septic system that can cause issues to happen. We have many repairs/upgrades that we offer for septic systems to resolve any problems that may arise.

Wells/hookups require repairs from time to time. There are a lot of parts involved with a well/hookup that can cause issues to happen. We have many repairs/upgrades/even revitalizing services that are available for wells and the pump systems.

Site Work

Final Grading

Gravel driveways with a choice of materials to meet a clients budget and desired appearance.

Grading work/ general backhoe and loader services

Plumbing Services

We offer plumbing services to all our modular/mobile home dealerships. Our plumbing services include several items that help dealerships complete their deal with less headaches.

Drains: We tie all the drains together under the home and connect them to sewer (going out to the septic system or central sewer system).

Central Sewers: We connect to the central sewer systems tap and run the lateral to the home

Central Water: We connect to the central water system and run the lateral to the home

Our plumbing services include all the permits and inspections. We pressurize and check for leaks with all our plumbing drain ties. We offer plumbing services on modular homes, double wide homes, and single wide homes.

Service Contracts

We offer many different options involving service contracts. When we install a I/A system our standard 2 year service contract comes with the system installation. A service contract is an inspection of the system on a routine basis. Our first inspection of any service contract is a home owner orientation. We set up an appointment to show you the different components of your septic system and we answer all your questions. After the orientation, we visit your property automatically in regular intervals depending on which type of service contract has been purchased. We inspect the septic system very thoroughly, record all information, and address any minor alterations that are necessary. We send the owner copies of all data recorded for their records. Service contracts are a tremendous way to prolong the life of your existing septic system!

Water Testing

We can provide a water test to meet FHA lending requirements. Our testing reports are issued in about 7-10 business days from the date of the test. In Delaware it is not required to have a water test in order to drill a new well or build a new home. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to know the quality of the water.

Irrigation System Maintenance

We provide contracts to do irrigation start ups, closings, repairs, and troubleshooting. Give us a call for anything Irrigation.