Septic System Service Contracts/Inspections Include Evaluation Of:

Septic Tank

  • Monitor sludge, clear and scum levels
  • Structure integrity from visible inside inspection
  • Safety of risers
  • Rinse and clean existing filter
  • Check and Clear any blockages
  • Check flows into and out of the tank
  • Inspect tank for water tightness

Pump Tank (where applicable)

  • Examine electrical components for safety and operation
  • Examine pump operation
  • Evaluate pump controls (including necessary adjustments)
  • Monitor presence of sludge and/or scum levels
  • Structural integrity from visible inside inspection
  • Examine timer to ensure proper dosing (including necessary adjustments)
  • Inspect venting status
  • Inspect tank for water tightness

Disposal Field

  • Monitor pooling of water in the stone bed
  • Assessment of site surfacing
  • Assessment of site erosion or settling
  • Check pipes for function
  • Identify location
  • Evaluate cover
  • Evaluate soil moisture levels

Peat System (where applicable)

  • Shell integrity determination from visible inside inspection
  • Venting status
  • Assessment of tipping bucket
  • Rake peat moss
  • Monitor water levels

I/A Systems: Each type of technology requires a different set of procedures as required by the manufacturer.

Our Inspections are DNREC approved and are approved for Real Estate Transactions.

Service Contract/Inspection Pricing… Pumping your system
can be added to any contract for:
1 year @ $350
2 years @ $665
3 years @ $975
(Pricing is based on the system having a septic permit)
If there is no permit a one time fee of $225 will be charged for investigation of the location of the system


Class H Real Estate Inspections for real estate transactions

Depending on the system, pricing ranges from $575-$595 w/permits

w/o permit will be billed at time/materials additional

A Class H Real Estate Septic Inspection is very similar to the criteria we do for a Service Contract. The main difference between a Class H Real Estate Inspection and a Service Contract Inspection is we don’t do a pump out with a Service Contract Inspection unless requested to. Class H Real Estate Inspections are required to have the septic system pumped at the time of inspection. The forms are also different but we are basically doing the same type of stuff. Our Class H Real Estate Inspections include a flow test on the drainfield which is like a stress test to see how it handles the flow. Service Contract inspections do not get flow tests.

We are very prompt on executing Class H Septic System Real Estate Inspections because we know most real estate transactions are very time sensitive.

(Alternative Septic Systems are subject to additional charges.)