1. What Shouldn’t I Flush Into My Septic System?

    What goes into the septic system has a large effect on how long the system will last. When you put the wrong things into your system, they can create clogs and blockages which, at best, reduce the efficiency of your system, and at worst, create major problems that require the assistance of a profess…Read More

  2. Septic System Components

    Septic system components are designed to be watertight for the most part. With the septic regulations requiring more and more parts to extend to the top of the ground for easy access, there’s an unintended consequence — riser lids, D-box lids, and other components really aren’t designed to be …Read More

  3. Delaware Started Requiring D Boxes To Have Risers

    Septic systems can be quite complex, and the average person doesn’t have a strong understanding of all the parts and components that work. This is understandable — it is, after all, why professional septic system service companies such as Willey Co. exist. But, being experts in these things, it…Read More

  4. Septic Pumping 101

    Delmarva’s forecast for the next three weeks is rain, rain, and more rain. We all know the weather forecast can change faster than any of us can actually keep up with — however, your septic system can greatly be affected by prolonged periods of damp weather, even in the summertime. It’s import…Read More

  5. The Importance of Prudent Septic Design

    If you have your septic design done through us, you are guaranteed to save money. The person that does the septic design is responsible for selecting all the materials for the septic system. If you hire a designer who insists on using new technology, that’s great and all, but when new technology c…Read More

  6. Septic Systems in Sussex County

    As you know, your septic system is an underappreciated part of your home’s infrastructure. Depending on where you live in Sussex county, you may have a septic system or you may be on the municipal water system. Many of the septic systems that are out there can actually be converted to municipal wa…Read More

  7. The finest septic service and pumping from Willey and Co.

    The Amazing Septic System

    And so we find ourselves neck deep in the holiday season. The incessant Christmas music, the lights that seem to get more and more out of control every year and the family get togethers that are customary for many of us. So many things are happening this time of year that it can be difficult to keep…Read More

  8. The Aging Irrigation System

    At Willey and Co. we are proud to be Delaware's most talented septic system installation and maintenance company. What our present clients may not know is that we offer the finest irrigation services in Sussex county. Why do we offer well drilling, irrigation and septic systems? Simple—we want to …Read More

  9. Willey and Co.; Well Drillers Extraordinaire

    On the occasion of the biggest eclipse to ever hit earth, Willey and Co. would like to remind you that the last biggest eclipse to hit earth ever, was in 1979. If it has been that long since you have had someone pump your septic system it is time to give us a call. Not only do we do septic system pu…Read More

  10. Get To Know Willey & Co. and Your Septic System

    Most of us simply do not think about what is going down our sink. Whether you have a septic system or municipal sewer, it is a good idea to consider what you are putting down the drain. Substances like grease, bleach and even eggshells can create issues with the city water and will wreak havoc on a …Read More