Septic system service contracts are an underutilized tool. Our septic system service contracts are designed to make your septic system last much longer. Like a medical problem, if issues arise with a septic system and they aren’t dealt with then they can become catastrophic to the system. Service contracts allow us to schedule a “well visit” with your septic system once a year. We also include automatic pumping with all contracts should you choose to include them. With a service contract and an automatic pumping, you don’t have to worry about a thing as we will initiate all inspections and pumping automatically. Our service contracts also take the place of a class H real estate inspection. That means should you decide to sell your house, you won’t need a class H inspection as your prior service contract inspection will be acceptable to DNREC. Septic systems are not cheap in replace. It’s best to invest a little money now to save a lot of money later. Visit our website for more details.