Image of Sewage Leak In Floor
We recently got a phone call from someone who bought a house late in 2018. They were supplied with a Class H Septic Inspection which stated the septic for the home they were purchasing was in compliance with state regulations. The new homeowner was told the septic tank and d box had been replaced and everything was good.
6 months later, the homeowner started smelling sewage in and around the house. He called Willey & Co and we quickly inspected the situation. A plastic septic tank was recently installed improperly and now was caving in, causing sewage to back up in the sewer pipe going to the house. To make a long story short, the Class H real estate inspection the homeowner was supplied was never submitted to DNREC, therefore making it invalid. Further, the inspection was done improperly as it didn’t note a new tank and d box being installed nor were they inspected.
Now, the homeowner has a situation where $3000 worth of work needs to be done. While there are always two sides to a story, it appears the homeowner had been deceived in the effort to avoid making necessary repairs properly, in an effort to save money. We want to caution you on who you decide to use for septic and well work in the State of Delaware. Make sure the company you’re interested in using is licensed, qualified, and has been in business long enough to have a track record of doing things the right way. The homeowner, in this case, will now need to go to court and try to hold the seller and those the seller hired accountable for the deceit. That can be a nightmare.
Make sure your situation doesn’t end up like this one, and instead contact us, Willey & Co, for all your septic and well needs.