Image of Working Sprinkler System

Last time we talked a bit about installing an irrigation system in your yard to not only increase the beauty of your lawn and landscaping, but also allowing you to save money. An underground irrigation system is one of those things that can seem like a hassle, but we assure you, it is not as bad as you think. Sure there are the little maintenance items that need to be paid attention to on a regular basis, but overall underground irrigation systems are relatively trouble-free. Of course, if you have a cut-rate installation company install the system, you will undoubtedly have problems. Irrigation systems require a good deal of planning to execute well, and Willey & Co. is one of the most consistent in Sussex County. We have been in business since the 1970s and we have seen the industry change and grow over that period of time. The challenge of staying current has led us to devote all of our energies to making sure that all of our clients are satisfied with their irrigation systems, and would become repeat customers again and again.

Irrigation Basics

While irrigation systems may seem complex, they are really no different than dragging out the hose and plopping down a sprinkler. The aspect that sets an irrigation system apart from the sprinkler is the fact that all of the heads can be fine-tuned to produce exactly the amount of water for a specific part of your yard. Depending on the design, each sprinkler head can be modified to perform in just the right way for the given location. Heads are controlled by nothing more than water pressure, which flows from a valve to the head, activating the mechanism inside. It is pretty ingenious how some of the high-end sprinkler heads can rotate and pulse utilizing just water pressure. The water pressure is supplied directly from your home into a mainline that feeds a series of valves. Each of these valves controls a zone of a specific number of heads. These zones are designed just right for the heads installed as too much, or too little, water pressure can affect the performance.

Underground Irrigation is The Best Choice

Utilizing an underground irrigation system is convenient and easy to operate. In fact, many of the new systems utilize Bluetooth technology, virtually eliminating underground wires and making programming accessible by your smartphone or other devices. If you are on the fence about getting an underground irrigation system installed, now is the best time of year to pull the trigger and contact Willey & Co. Not only do we offer irrigation installation, but if you need a well for irrigation, our professional drilling team can tap a well for you so you never need to worry about wasting water from your home. This will allow your home water usage to decrease while maintaining a gorgeous lawn all summer. No matter if you need an irrigation system installed along with a well, or just an irrigation system that runs off of your home water supply, Willey & Co. are your local experts. Please contact us today for more information.