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After a hard winter, the summer is coming fast and this time of year we start to think about green grass and gorgeous flowers. That’s right, it is time to get out the hoses and start watering your lawn. We get it, it can be a struggle, dragging the hoses around, changing areas ever so often to provide complete coverage. You don’t want too much water in certain areas and others require more water. This sounds like a full-time job, moving hoses, adjusting water pressure, checking with a timer so you don’t over water, but Willey & Co. has a solution for you, an irrigation system. Yes we know, you have watched your neighbors while they are enjoying their evenings while you have been dragging more hoses than a fireman, this year it is time to make a change. Make this the year you contact Willey & Co. for your underground irrigation system.   

Save Time

The whole ritual of dragging hoses was good enough for our grandparents for sure, but just like books with actual pages, hoses are a thing of the past when watering your lawn. With new advances in technology, it is now easier than ever to save time when watering your lawn.

Save Water  

These days one of the most important aspects of home ownership is making sure you are not being irresponsible with resources like water and power. There are many ways to save water and energy these days, but it is up to the homeowner to install the proper infrastructure. This means that upgrading to high efficiency appliances and low-flow faucets is your responsibility. Fortunately these days it is fairly easy to conserve water with most of the new appliances and fixtures designed with water conservation in mind. Where most of us don’t look is our yard for more ideas to conserve water. Current irrigation systems take into account the water usage and can accurately place water where it is needed, without spreading excess water where it will not be utilized.  

Back in the dark ages, we used to throw an incredibly inefficient sprinkler on the yard and crank up the handle. This not only wastes a bunch of water, but it inaccurately targets the areas of the yard that require more or less water. Modern sprinkler heads are designed to use very little water and can accurately pinpoint where the water needs to go. Now, just because you have a modern sprinkler system, it does not mean that you are getting the best coverage and we will go into how to maintain and adjust your system in a future blog.             

Thoughtful Design

The reason for modern sprinkler systems being so good at saving water is their design. Much like low flow faucets, new sprinkler heads are better at utilizing water more efficiently. This means that they save water while providing more effective benefits.      

Smartphone Technology

As with pretty much everything the smartphones have invaded your irrigation system as well. If you can turn on your lights when you are on vacation in Florida, you should be able to control your sprinkler system right? With new control systems you can control every aspect of your system, no matter where you are. If it looks like rain you can turn it off, or adjust watering times. This type of control is like nothing that has been seen before, unless you sit at home and adjust the system manually.   

Get Your Futuristic Irrigation System From Willey & Co!

If you are still OK with dragging hoses, that is cool with us, but if you truly want to save money, save time, and be able to control your sprinkler system from across Kent County, a new system from Willey & Co. is what you need. Not only do we perform all of the digging and work ourselves, we also design and install the entire thing. Our irrigation division can accommodate your yard no matter how large or small it may be. Our ultimate goal is to save you money, time, and water, so please give us a call today and see the difference an underground irrigation system can make on your yard. And if you miss dragging around hoses, you can always join the fire department.